Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Volunteer Creations!

W.A.S.O (Work and Social Opportunities, Inc. See the website here.) sends us a great group of volunteers every Monday.  We like having them here as their happy dispositions always lighten the mood!  Sometimes they take some art supplies back to WASO HQ for the program participants to use.  (Although I have to say they are pretty discplined about resisting the temptation to grab all the cool stuff that they see come in and out!)
One day they took some clear CD cases and made some great art with them back at the program!

Here are the pictures of the beautiful crafts they made!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Pile of Trash

If you're me, you're in the process of turning a giant garbage ball into a massive sphere that will eventually become a paper mache planet Earth.

If you're Tim Noble and Sue Webster, your ball of garbage is distinctly less spherical and more ........ abstract.  But of course, shine a light behind a seemingly random trash pile and you can end up with some pretty amazing silhouettes.

Here is their art
Projected Art from Trash

According to, Sue and Tim collect their trash from the streets of London and through some combination of miraculous intervention, talent, and patience, they come up with the perfect shadow.

Here is the link: