Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Volunteer Creations!

W.A.S.O (Work and Social Opportunities, Inc. See the website here.) sends us a great group of volunteers every Monday.  We like having them here as their happy dispositions always lighten the mood!  Sometimes they take some art supplies back to WASO HQ for the program participants to use.  (Although I have to say they are pretty discplined about resisting the temptation to grab all the cool stuff that they see come in and out!)
One day they took some clear CD cases and made some great art with them back at the program!

Here are the pictures of the beautiful crafts they made!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Pile of Trash

If you're me, you're in the process of turning a giant garbage ball into a massive sphere that will eventually become a paper mache planet Earth.

If you're Tim Noble and Sue Webster, your ball of garbage is distinctly less spherical and more ........ abstract.  But of course, shine a light behind a seemingly random trash pile and you can end up with some pretty amazing silhouettes.

Here is their art
Projected Art from Trash

According to, Sue and Tim collect their trash from the streets of London and through some combination of miraculous intervention, talent, and patience, they come up with the perfect shadow.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Oh my gosh Upcyclers, we have disappeared for awhile but we're BACK with more great ideas to post on the blog.

To start, on this very special leap day of days, comes to us all the way from East Africa where my lovely mother (and avid ArtsJunktion supporter) was on safari.  One of the lodges had a very creative re-use idea for plastic water bottles.  All you gotta do is stab some holes in it and attach the mouth end to a hose and you have yourself a brilliant DIY sprinkler, and a use for at least ONE of those pesky little landfillers, plastic bottles.

Check it out, make your own and impress your neighbours this summer with your resourcefulness! Jambo!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

More Junk Art - Get Inspired!

Hello Junk-ers, please take a look at our most recent eco-trash-art discovery.

An artist by the name of Tom Deininger makes these incredible pieces from old bits and bobs of unwanted STUFF.

Visit his website at

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Rrrrribbitt ....

HEY! If you're moving lily pads, keep FrogBox in mind. They are one of our newest and most collaborative supporters! Frogbox gave us a totally rad gift for our annual fundraiser at the King's Head pub - a gift certificate and an awesome jacket!

Frogbox is an innovative and green Canadian small business! They rent out re-usable moving supplies (mostly in the form of green plastic bins - the frogboxes, y'all). They deliver them to you, you pack up all your jazz, move it to your new house, and they will come pick up the empties when you're done and rent them to somebody else! No more hassling with cardboard boxes. In fact, just this morning at the depot I picked up a cardboard box full of hanging-files and the bottom gave out spilling the contents all over the floor! Could've used a frogbox, I think.

Check them out!

Monday, 14 November 2011

November! It's cold outside stay home and make art!!!

It's busy here at the depot ... there is an endless supply of awesome materials to keep your creative engine running!  Come check it out ... we've got a ton of new fabric, and soon to get commercial-sized spools of embroidery thread! The wooden beads are almost gone so get em while you can!
In other news, Spain is certainly reducing their carbon footprint via the magical world of trash art.  Check out the work of Cristina and Gustavo on their cool website CG Reciclado Artistico

If you want to make a beautiful fish like this one .... Come to ArtsJunktion because we've got more plastics than we know what to do with!

Thanks to everybody who came out to our annual fundraising social at the King's Head Pub - it was fun, lots of prizes were won and we raised enough money to keep this place afloat for another good long while!

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fan Art!

Here are some great bags made by loyal ArtsJunktion shopper Marie Mason.  She designed and sewed these bags using repurposed materials found here at the depot.

They are for sale at the depot with proceeds supporting ArtsJunktion.  Thanks Marie for turning unwanted scraps into something so beautiful!