Monday, 14 November 2011

November! It's cold outside stay home and make art!!!

It's busy here at the depot ... there is an endless supply of awesome materials to keep your creative engine running!  Come check it out ... we've got a ton of new fabric, and soon to get commercial-sized spools of embroidery thread! The wooden beads are almost gone so get em while you can!
In other news, Spain is certainly reducing their carbon footprint via the magical world of trash art.  Check out the work of Cristina and Gustavo on their cool website CG Reciclado Artistico

If you want to make a beautiful fish like this one .... Come to ArtsJunktion because we've got more plastics than we know what to do with!

Thanks to everybody who came out to our annual fundraising social at the King's Head Pub - it was fun, lots of prizes were won and we raised enough money to keep this place afloat for another good long while!

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