Saturday, 26 November 2011

Rrrrribbitt ....

HEY! If you're moving lily pads, keep FrogBox in mind. They are one of our newest and most collaborative supporters! Frogbox gave us a totally rad gift for our annual fundraiser at the King's Head pub - a gift certificate and an awesome jacket!

Frogbox is an innovative and green Canadian small business! They rent out re-usable moving supplies (mostly in the form of green plastic bins - the frogboxes, y'all). They deliver them to you, you pack up all your jazz, move it to your new house, and they will come pick up the empties when you're done and rent them to somebody else! No more hassling with cardboard boxes. In fact, just this morning at the depot I picked up a cardboard box full of hanging-files and the bottom gave out spilling the contents all over the floor! Could've used a frogbox, I think.

Check them out!

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