Monday, 21 March 2011

Find the Perfect Match!

Every now and then we make the perfect pairing! Like choosing the ideal wine to compliment your meal, finding the exact piece of "junk" that you need is pretty satisfying!

For example, this story comes from volunteer Geri:

"Several months ago we were given boxes and boxes and boxes of those long foamie strips (see Fig. 1).  Not too many people are interested in them and they stuck around for months.  When I was working at AJ on Monday, about half an hour  before closing time a young grade 3 teacher came in for the first time.  She spent awhile looking and as she was leaving I asked her if she managed to get some stuff that she could use.  She looked a bit downcast and said.....only a bit.  Then she said she is doing sculptures with her grade 3 class and didn't know what to take so she hadn't taken hardly anything.  I showed her a box of the foam strips and showed her how her students might use them and her face lit up and she was really excited.  She took 5 boxes of them!  I asked her if she would send pictures of her students' art once they are done.
I felt really good because I was able to pair her with some junk that was perfect for her project."

Fig 1: Long Foamie Strips (foamius stripianus)

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