Monday, 9 May 2011


"Everything has a second life ... it has more character that way"
*see Seattle Times article 

It seems rescuing junk is becoming more prominent on people's minds all over the world.

As we make an effort to be conscious of the fate of every little thing we might previously have thrown away on auto-pilot, creativity flows and determines a new destiny for our most beloved rubbish.

Our crap-comrades in Seattle celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Seattle RE-Store Trash Fashion Show in April, featuring catwalk creations made from typically undesirable refuse.

Michael Cline

It looks like the Seattle RE Store is leading the way in eco-salvaging. Their website is definitely worth a look, especially the galleries of their annual juried recycled art show.  Here's hoping Winnipeg follows suit!

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  1. i have heard something about this, and I have read just a moment ago regarding "Trashion - The New Fashion In Trash" and i think this is a good way to promote the recycling and let us be aware of global warming.