Monday, 8 August 2011

Tupperware: How to recycle into art

Plastics seem to find their way over to the AJ depot fairly frequently. We don't take tupperware, cookie trays, yogurt tubs, etc for a variety of reasons. But now, we've got a project for you if you find yourself in the possession of some Tupperware you no longer want: Jellyfish.

Check out this beautiful picture from James Moulder's blog:

The top portion, the "body" of the jellyfish looks like it might be some sort of plastic bundt cake mold.  I have to say the white, semi-opaque slickness of it lends itself really well to becoming a plastic jellyfish.  The tentacles are made of beads and what looks like lace trim!

Try it yourselves! Be inspired by some unwanted plastic and send us a photo!

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