Friday, 27 May 2011

"Creative Eco-Design" from CultCase

Whatever you call it, creative eco-design, Trashion, aesthetic re-junking (my personal favourite), Junk-art is here to stay!

CultCase has provided a great collection of concepts in their article here.

It seems that recycled art is turning into a natural descendant of the formerly radical "found art". When I look at some of these pictures from cult case, I can't help thinking of that episode of The Simpsons where Homer decides to create "modern art" by sticking a bunch of shovels and rakes into semi-dried cement. Of course, the artists featured on CultCase are doing much much better than our dear Homer!

"Vacuum cleaner Forest" is most certainly my favourite from this article. Whats yours?

**Don't forget!! ArtsJunktion is now closed on Saturdays until the fall!

Monday, 9 May 2011


"Everything has a second life ... it has more character that way"
*see Seattle Times article 

It seems rescuing junk is becoming more prominent on people's minds all over the world.

As we make an effort to be conscious of the fate of every little thing we might previously have thrown away on auto-pilot, creativity flows and determines a new destiny for our most beloved rubbish.

Our crap-comrades in Seattle celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Seattle RE-Store Trash Fashion Show in April, featuring catwalk creations made from typically undesirable refuse.

Michael Cline

It looks like the Seattle RE Store is leading the way in eco-salvaging. Their website is definitely worth a look, especially the galleries of their annual juried recycled art show.  Here's hoping Winnipeg follows suit!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Recycled Birthday Invites!

I am so proud of Winnipeg for thinking of ArtsJunktion first when they are about to embark on a creative project!
If you have made something with AJ materials, please send your photos and story to and I will happily feature you on our blog!

Check out the invitations that this earth-friendly family made for their child's birthday party:

I admit their graphic design skills are enviable. Props for turning an unwanted file folder into something pretty darn cool!

Says our AJ 'shopper':
I thought I'd share these Birthday invites my son and I made for his 7th birthday.
I took some file folders from ArtsJunktion, trimmed them to letter size, designed and printed the invites! Simple! And the envelopes are of newspaper.
Thank you guys for putting forth a great service!

Now, if you are inspired, come to AJ and get to work! We have an entire shelf of used greeting cards. Many are blank, and many are quite old and rare. If you have a party coming up, why don't you make your own invitations using our selection of cards?